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Serving Greater Cincinnati since 1957


We have been providing our community with quality natural topsoil that has been processed and filtered by our Topsoil Shredder Plant.  Our topsoil is collected locally from developments in the area, we prepare and store this material for resale to our customers.

Pick-up is available during peak season (April – Nov) Monday to Friday 7:00 AM 20 5:00 PM and Saturday 7:30 AM-1:00 PM (Saturday schedule is seasonal and often weather dependent)

Call ahead for delivery options or availability for pickup during off season.

Pickup prices:

Shredded Topsoil
$20 – Minimum 1/2 Cubic Yard
$30 – 1 Cubic Yard
$20 – Additional Cubic Yard Per Load

Non-Shredded Topsoil
$15 – 1 Cubic Yard Natural Topsoil (Natural Topsoil, No Processing)
$12 – 1 Cubic Yard #2 Kick-Out Topsoil (Larger Balls of Topsoil, Good for Machine Placement)

Fill Dirt
$10 – Cubic Yard Natural Clay (Some Rock)

8.50 – Straw Bales

Dump Fees
$15 – Pick-Up Truck
$20 – 1 Ton Dump Truck
$30 – Single-Axle Dump Truck
$50 – Tandem-Axle Dump Truck
#65 – Tri-Axle Dump Truck